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Since their debut release in 2011, NX1 has put out some inspiring material on their own label (NX1) and others like Semantica, M_Rec and End of Dayz. The group consist of Samot and Surit, both with great interest in electronic music. The interest evolved into passion, and the passion evolved into techno music.

Their live sessions display a wide variety of styles in techno. Heavy and humid atmospheres that permeate the dance floor, breaks and fat basses that investigate the deeper and more intellectual part of the genre. Fusing classic sounds with new evolved ones and with touches of IDM and electronic music from the 90s.

We are a bit stoked to launch todays episode. After we listened to this episode for the first time, we got a feeling of “WTF?!” after it was done… In this episode NX1 takes us on a ride starting with atmospheric tracks, all to way to the boiling point of meaty techno grooves.

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