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Episode #26 – Rufus Lidman @ AIM2NORTH 2019 – The Race Between Races (English)

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Rufus Lidman is a tech influencer with 40,000 followers from 110 countries. He has published 5 books and some of the world’s largest apps in its areas with over 15 million downloads. Rufus holds dual degrees in mathematical statistics and business complemented with PhD studies – where an early integration of data and behavioral science made him known for a unique data science to the change of perspectives – for ten years applied in digital marketing and five years in digital learning. In these roles he has been the founder of IAB, and for 4 years the digital advisor for WFA. He is an renowned speaker with over 300 lectures in digital strategy and trendspotting. He’s had assignments for over 100 companies such as Samsung, IKEA, Mercedes, Electrolux , PwC etc. He has run half a dozen ventures, with  exits in 2-3 units – incl. prestigious award for growth enterprise, Sweden’s largest health portal with 2 million users, mobile gaming apps with 10 million downloads, and the world’s largest independent app in digital strategy, loved by 200,000 marketers in 165 countries.  



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