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02 Cheat the Cheat the Cheat!

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Cheaters that professionally cheat getting cheated out of their cheating ways! The art of chatting up girls with no phone and the ultimate ‘TING TEEF’ story is what Marcus Bronzy ( BBC, CAPITAL, BT ) and ACE (BBC Radio 1Xtra) get into this week….


There’s plenty of ways to kill an hour… why not kill one with us?….




“Kill a bit” means something you can do to kill your time.

“Kill a question” are questions posted online by you the listener with the hashtag #HowToKillAnHour


00:02:20 – Chef Boy O Ace!


00:07.20 – Almost Sh*tting yourself…


00:20:55 – Ashley Madison got hacked…


00:22:00 – Two Dots ( Kill a bit)


00:27:35 – Keys in a


00:36:30 – Billy’s Over-Tidering side effects…


00:38:00 – Old schhoooooooool


00:28:00 – Marcus’ Theory


00:48:00 – Ting Teefing

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