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MNMT 351 : Space Drum Meditation

Embrace the formative experience of Space Drum Meditation’s 3-hour long podcast, progressing into an organized chaos of symmetrical rhythm in MNMT 351. Read More : MONUMENT 351 : Space Drum Meditation Mer informasjon om Monument podcast

25. november 2022

MNMT 350 : Hoedus

Hoedus delivers a versatile and refreshing mix for MNMT 350, visiting sonic depths and edges for an enchanting, immersing atmosphere that has room for a variety of the most favourite arrangements. Read More : MONUMENT 350 : Hoedus Follow : SC: FB: Anekoic Records: Mer informasjon om Monument podcast

18. november 2022

MNMT 349 : Fabrizio Lapiana

Fabrizio Lapiana delivers a sharp mix of feverish, sonic mesmerism for MNMT 349, shaping a piercing selection over distorted, crispy arrangements. Read more : MONUMENT 349 : Fabrizio Lapiana Follow : SC: IG: Attic Music: Mer informasjon om Monument podcast

10. november 2022

MNMT 348 : Joachim Spieth

Capitalizing on the energy emanating from the vibrant, deep techno fields, Joachim Spieth delivers for MNMT 348 a densely-packed, highly engaging mix almost a week after Terrain, his latest full-length release on Affin. Read More : MONUMENT 348 : Joachim Spieth Follow : Joachim Spieth: Terrain: Affin: Mer informasjon om Monument podcast

3. november 2022

MNMT Premiere: Alfonsvs – Bad Habits

MNMT Premiere: Alfonsvs – Bad Habits by Mer informasjon om Monument podcast

23. oktober 2022

MNMT Premiere: Shoal – Mo – III

The next addition to Konstrukt’s catalog comes from Shoal and his Konstrukt 016 EP, a release that includes three improvised tracks that were composed during the MONOLITH live show at Moving Arts Centre Amsterdam in collaboration with visual artist Vincent Rang. From those, we are happy to present Mo-III, a creation that highlights the character […]

20. oktober 2022

MNMT Premiere: Saša Delimar – Sreća

Saša Delimar debuts on newly launched label QEONE. The Artist is a Croatian-born, Berlin-based music producer and DJ with over 13 years of experience in DJing, carving his name steadily as a music producer since 2017, first through releases in a domain of deep techno and more recently taking the turn into the sphere of […]

18. oktober 2022

MNMT 347 : Ø [Phase]

Ø [Phase], one of the most prominent London techno acts, transmits flawless dance vibes for the next part of the Monument podcast series, merging fresh and highly adored arrangements in an electrifying sequence. Read More : MONUMENT 347 : Ø [Phase] Follow : FB: IG: SC: Bandcamp: Mer informasjon om Monument […]

13. oktober 2022


MTRL’s distinct sound is mixed through a kaleidoscopic journey of radiant beats, atmospheric waves, and deep grooves. Read More : MONUMENT 346 : MTRL Tracklist : lunar convoy – k3I Space Drum Meditation – Reign (Konduku Remix) ABSIS – Static Trip Crossing Avenue – Mekong Doltz – Hatemade Vardae – Blue Iridium Tiki Fuko – […]

6. oktober 2022

MNMT Recordings : Pfirter @ Culto Buenos Aires 2022

Curious and broad-minded, following his refined vision of orbital techno, Pfirter offers a trip through the sonic obscurity of the cosmos with an exceptionally innervating set for the next addition to MNMT Recordings series. Read More – MNMT RECORDINGS – Pfirter at Culto Buenos Aires 2022 Follow – FB: SC: BC: MindTrip: […]

29. september 2022

MNMT 345 : Deepbass

We are thrilled to welcome back Deepbass with a special mix celebrating his upcoming ‘Inward’ album release coming soon on his Informa imprint. We managed to catchup with him to have a chat about all things Deepbass and learn more about his new music. Read More : Q&A with Deepbass ahead of his upcoming full-length […]

26. september 2022

MNMT 344 : Octo Åeterna

An outstanding selection of unreleased tracks, which seamlessly stitch together as a result of the producer’s solid mixing work, is what Octo Åeterna kept in store for his celebratory mix for MNMT 344 on the day of his birthday. Read more : Tracklist : 1 – Octo Åeterna – Intimate Darkness (Unreleased) 2 – Forest […]

22. september 2022

MNMT Recordings : Aksamit @ Audioriver 2022

A well-known rising techno force from Poland with only a few years on her back, Aksamit delivers her recorded set straight from the long-lasting Audioriver festival for the next part of MNMT Recordings. Read More : MNMT RECORDINGS – Aksamit at Audioriver 2022 Follow : @alicja-aksamit Mer informasjon om Monument podcast

8. september 2022

MNMT 343 : Abstract Division

Planetary ambience reverberates through the impenetrable stillness together with hypnotic pulsations and unsettling, roaming sounds to form an unearthly symphony delivered by Abstract Division for MNMT 343. Read More : MONUMENT 343 : Abstract Division Follow : Mer informasjon om Monument podcast

1. september 2022

MNMT 342 : John Plaza

On the release date of his new EP, John Plaza invites us in a sense-engaging exploration mix for MNMT 342 consisting of his own original and remixed material, several days after hosting a premiere for one of the five upcoming tracks. Read More : MONUMENT 342 : John Plaza Follow : Mer informasjon om […]

25. august 2022




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